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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sexual Devolution...

So I was down at the local U the other day working on some math stuff (and no, its not maths or university, its mathematics and the (or "a") university, unless you don't know how to spell).  It was a beautiful day - sun shining, temperature was around 65-70, light wind, fall colors - just stunning.

Now, in the olden days when I was at another U this always brought out the love birds - happy couples necking, holding hands walking to their classes, laying the sun or under a shade tree, that sort of thing.

So I arrived a few minutes early for my appointment so I had time to walk around and get something to eat.  As I was walking back to my meeting it struck me - there was not a single "couple" to be seen.  Not one.  Not anywhere.

On the drive back I had some time to reflect on this - how odd - beautiful weather always puts "love in the air" - or so I thought.

Apparently, a lot has changed in the intervening decades since I was in school...

For one thing, it looks like feminism has given the "male on the prowl" his dream as scientifically documented here. Some related posts here and here.

Full PDF here.

No strings attached love (as in "free" of obligation of any kind) (called NSAL) - well this is a new development - at least since the wild and free 1970's.

Or is it...

A quick read of the article reveals that while there is plenty of NSAL in the air on your local U campus, but "free", as is usually the case, turns out to be not so "free" after all.

(In case you are wondering, those that had sex, starting say around 17, without any casual intentions or with the "intent of a lasting relationship" do not suffer what I will describe below.  This is science - created at the same institutions which I describe - I am not making this up and no, its not fanatical right-wing religious Nazism.)

So the idea is that we can separate love and sex, and, having divided things up, freely go about one without the other.  Seems like a good idea, right?  Well, as the research documents, no, its not.

The first thing you see is that while the great "feminine mistake", er, mystique, didn't get the memo out to either gender about the "falling in love" part - as in how to not do it.  So, yes, we (as in "we the collective of kiddies" - not me personally) can all have free sex but, low and behold, and according to scientific research, secret expectations of love and relationships muck up the fun after the fact.  Usually this happens with depression - though there are other negative consequences as well.  One of them, in fact, is having more casual sex.

So, let me get this straight.  Casual sex (particularly in women according to the study) causes depression.   Depression causes more casual sex (as documented here) which in turn causes even more depression...  This would not appear to be a positive thing for those involved - or am I wrong?

As we all know in these modern times the big "D" depression = prescriptions happy pills.  So, following the maths as it were, we get casual sex = depression = happy pill prescriptions.

So, let's look at this.  (Try Googling "antidepressants sex").

Looks to me that happy pill perscriptions = unhappy/no sex.

This leaves us with our final equation: "casual sex = depression = happy pill presriptions = no sex/unhappy sex".

So what have we done to ourselves (me personally excluded as I have been with the same wife for going on 35 years) and our children?

(And no, I don't think women should be back in the kitchen without a vote or equal pay.  My wife thinks that feminism has robbed her of much (see, science backs you up) - particularly as it relates to our daughters - but, as they say, that's for another time.)

To my original comment on the "U".  Today's kids have been over-exposed.  They've lost the magic, as it were.  No need to hold hands or fall in love when a simple text "booty call" will reel in a casual partner.

Is this fair to them?  After all our generation created feminism in the first place.

Sadly it looks like this is robbing our sons and daughters of happy, fulfilled relationships and sex lives.

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