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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Midnight...

Its midnight.  Dark. Smokey.  A small, happy crowd of regulars clinging to the bar.

The benefit is winding down.  I showed up around 5:00 PM today in order to get things set up.

I didn't know the guy who died - though from his picture he looks familiar.  No matter, its a benefit.

What looks like his mom is sitting over by the jukebox - white hair, walker.  Probably a brother and a couple of kids or a niece and nephew. Standing off to the side - not part of the regular crowed.  Going through an old photo album.  The kind with a three-ring binder and clear plastic sheets covering the pictures.

They sit, looking at the pictures - commenting to each other.  Sometimes pulling back the plastic for a better look.

We've played for our share of tragedy over the years - more than a few benefits - gas explosions, accidents, childhood foolishness.

Its the life that's important - not the aftermath.

There's a pig roasting in the parking lot.  I buy a couple of wrist bands for food - not that I need to as I'm part of the entertainment - but it goes to the family and I have a job.  No one looks too sad so I guess it wasn't a surprise or it happened a while ago - but I'm not sure.

I've been to the ones where its a surprise - injuries or death - its never fun.

My friend is in the rehab right now - physical therapy - trying to get him back to where he was before his accident.  He'd been coming out to hear us every Tuesday without fail for years.

The doctors gave him up for dead.  He was in the hospital and showing no response.  One of the team of neurosurgeons told the family to "pull the plug" because there was no hope. Fortunately, the boss came in and said "not so fast..." Today he's in the rehab walking and talking on his own.  Nearly a victim of modern medical science.

I miss him.  He's one of the good fans.  I hope he's back soon.

Back to midnight.  The "old lady" is talking R.  R.'s drunk and having a good time.  The PA crapped out and we had to ride over and pick up a backup.  Two hours lost but probably not a problem.  The bikes will clear out before dark anyway - at least most of them - and probably early because we're not their entertaining them.

Maybe this will help forgo another accident.

"Maybe the guy died on his bike", my partner in crime says while we ride over to get the other PA.  "Here they are, drinking, riding their bikes to the memorial, riding home drunk, all without helmets."  He smiles "I swore that off years ago..."

Death by lack of helmet or death by modern medical science?

Which is worse?  Which is more Politically Correct?

The "old lady" and I, we're both dog tired.  There was a minor mishap at the farm today.  An empty car ended up in the ravine - no one was hurt - dumb, in fact, not just dumb but a new benchmark in dumb. Young people are always in too much of hurry to do things right - relying too much on mechanical things prone to failure.  The "old lady" had to baby sit until the tow trucks took care of the problem.

The "big black dodge" could have pulled it up and out.  In fact, it got all the way down there and had the chain on but the plastic bumper and crappy sheet metal frame would have been trashed or pulled completely off.

No insurance payout if you save yourself.  Keep that in mind.

There was another benefit a few weeks back.  Guy hated dialysis so he quit it cold turkey - just stopped doing it.  His old lady hung around like one of Ebenezer Scrooge's Christmas ghosts - talking about how his ghost was spooking the cat; very weird and creepy.

I leave early from the benefit.  The door is open and its cold.  The "old lady" complaining...

The dogs are waiting patiently even though we're late.  They're always happy we're home.

Where do you find so much to write about someone asks...  It finds me.

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