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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coming to a Grade School Near You...

April 16th, 2013.  Witching hour.

Keep this date in mind.  Its the day the first OxyContin patent (US #5,508,042) expires.

Why the concern?

Because there will be a flood of cheap generic OxyContin starting up soon after.

Think there is a drug problem today - wait until this medication goes off patent.

The pressure of law enforcement on kids and drinking has had a very insidious side effect.  Kids have long since figured out that hitting mom or grandma's medicine chest for over the counter pain killers is significantly less risky than a DUI. Plus unless you're a complete fool no one will test you for this if you're stopped while driving a car.

Ten years ago or more this was in your local high school...  You probably didn't even know it.

FYI - OxyContin is made by PurduePharma along with many of your other heavy duty pain killers like Dilaudid.  More than a billion (with "B") dollars of Oxy sold every year (starting in 2000).

Vikes and Perq's will be shoved off to the side by this new generic big boy...

But don't worry, our good friends at PurduePharma are hard at work denying that there is any addictive side effect.

As I have written about before this drug is also an addictive bane of the elderly.

Beware the witching hour...

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