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Monday, November 15, 2010

Death by Conventional Medical Wisdom

Conventional medicine is about labeling things: you have a sinus infection, you have cancer, you have Crohn's disease.  Of lot of time is spent on classifying and labeling things. 

Did you know that its often the cases that though two people might both have "breast cancer" the diseases and treatments that work for that disease might be totally different?  In fact, businesses exist that apply an array of oncology drugs to a specific cancer just to see which ones have the most effect.

If two people with "breast cancer" don't react to the same drugs in the same way is their disease the same?

Some companies, such as Precision Therapeutics, test your cancer to specifically determine what drugs the cancer does react to.  If "breast cancer" were a single disease or problem, this would not be necessary - the same treatment would work reliably all the time (think about putting iodine on an infected cut or splinting a broken bone).

Now consider this fact: The lifetime risk of breast cancer of those with the "breast cancer gene" or BRCA1 or 2 is presently 82 percent and increasing every year. Before 1940, the risk of getting cancer for those with the cancer gene was 24 percent. What changed? Our diet, lifestyle, and environment--both physically and emotionally. Might these factors be a better place to look for answers on how to address our cancer epidemic?

Think about this.

Diet, lifestyle, and environment are very broad subjects.  Apparently responsible for increasing the chances of getting cancer three-fold over a proven base risk.

So what has changed in our lives over the last decades?

Diet - I have written about this before.  I believe that we have become malnourished.  We eat almost exclusively "manufactured" foods - food prepared in a factory as opposed to something we made ourselves from basic ingredients.  I do not believe anyone knows or cares about whats in these foods nutritionally - as I described in "Are You Iodine Deficient?"  I think the FDA is so consumed by approving the next blockbuster drug for big pharma they have forgotten about food - basic, simple food.

I think we eat a diet designed to do the wrong thing.  "The 30-Day Low-Carb Diet Solution" By Michael R. Eades, Mary Dan Eade suggest that the USDA food pyramid is (or was, at least) identical to the nutritional program used to fatten hogs.

From this I found that it would appear they are correct: you have to find the various parts which is tricky but I basically believe this (thanks Tim!).  So you diet, at least as far as the USDA guidelines are concerned, is going to fatten you up like a pig.

Lifestyle: Our lives are full of stress today.  We take an enormous amount of drugs to make supposedly our lives better.  We are inert.

Environment - Our environment is polluted at every level - inside our homes, our air, our water.  If you do nothing else, read this about how polluted our water is.  Forget air pollution, forget land fills.  We are poising ourselves with our own personal pollution.

So what effect do these things have on cancer?  The TEDMED conference, discussed here, suggests that most of what doctors do - classifying and labeling disease - is not effective.  Further, the treatment models are not effective - we treat symptoms.

No one says, "Gee, I wonder why you got that cancer in the first place?" - at least the big pharma, Medicare, government complex doesn't.

Further, if you consider your body as a metaphor for a garden:  For our garden to grow we need to make sure the weeds do not choke the plants.  We can pull the weeds but they continue to come back.  Without understanding why the weed appear in the first place or doing anything for the root cause of weeds we will always struggle with our garden.

The modern US medical process is equivalent to dumping gallons of weed-be-gone into the garden.  While it eliminates the symptom of weeds, what does it do to the garden?

From the TEDMED link: "scientific literature іѕ abundant wіth evidence thаt diet, exercise, thουghtѕ, feelings, аnd environmental toxins аll influence thе initiation, growth аnd progression οf cancer. If a nutrient-poor diet full οf sugar, lack οf exercise, chronic stress, persistent pollutants, аnd heavy metals саn cause cancer, сουld іt bе thаt a nutrient-dense, plant-based diet, physical activity, changing thουghtѕ аnd reactions tο stress, аnd detoxification mіght treat thе garden іn whісh cancer grows?"

Our modern lives are doing everything wrong with regard to making us healthy.  Treating symptoms.  Creating too much stress.  Poisoning ourselves.

I found some of this information at  I like this site and its well worth paying attention to (there is a link to it on the right-column of the blog).

In the next posts I plan to explore what our water is doing to us, more about the epidemic of iodine deficiency, more about treating your body as a system and cancer as a symptom.

I know that quite a few people read this blog and hopefully you will tell your friends about it.

Hopefully you are waking up to what's happening to you.

Our society and lifestyles are killing us.

We need to tell the FDA and the government that, rather than worry about whether Rodger Clemens using HGH, we should be worrying about why our sewage treatment systems are putting cocaine, heroin, estrogen, and God-knows-what-else into our drinking water.

We need to tell the FDA that our nutritional health should take priority over Lipitor.

We need to tell the FDA that there are links between ADHD and things like iodine deficiency.

We're not getting what we're paying for...

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