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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I guess I am really tired..

I keep hearing about how someone's private life is separate from their public life: "Oh, let's not judge Bill Clinton by his actions with Monica, they're personal."

Well, let's see... Elliot Spitzer - can't seem to keep his wedding vow, and, oops, out soliciting prostititues...

Kwame Kilpatrick... oops, a sex and lying scandal... can't seem to keep a vow either...

And on it goes...

Oh, and let's not judge others either. Well, as a voter what are we supposed to do? Not judge the candidate? Only judge the candidate on what they "say" they should be judged on?

So, what criteria are fair game for "judging" a candidate that will a) run for office and b) get sworn in if they win. Isn't it fair to judge them on how they handle their other vows?

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