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Friday, September 02, 2005

So who are we? This is my beautiful wife. I've kept this picture of her since I took it several years ago because I think it reveals her spirit, particularly in her face. She and I have been together exclusively for the last thirty (yes '30') years or so.

During that time together we have survived cancer, dealt with the death of parents, dealt with four children including drug problems and divorce, paid for college, lived in three states including NYC, dealt with out-of-control parental medaling with our children's lives, made and lost fortunes, built and lost businesses, survived depression and post traumatic stress, and survived sexual and mental abuse by parents and relatives.

Though there are more things a couple might do in life than what we have done so far, I (at least), am not interested in finding out about them until its their time.

For now I am comfortable with just "coasting along." The two of us have time together to spend doing the things we chose and we each have time to indulge our personal interests.

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